Green Brook Flood Control Commission
Commissioner: William F. Crosby, III

Collects, studies and analyzes data on flooding, past floods and the causes of floods in the area.
Provides data to various agencies including the Army Corp of Engineers.
Coordinates activities of participating members relating to flooding, flood prevention, brook cleaning and more.

GBFCC Related Ordinance

Two (2) members - One (1) alternate to serve as commissioners

1 Council Member; Commissioner - term co-terminus with term on Council;

1 Other Commissioner - not a Council Member, but may hold other appointive office in the Borough - term 5 years or until his successor shall have qualified;

1 Alternate Representative - term 1 year or until his successor shall have qualified and shall be entitled to exercise the privileges and rights as are provided by statute for alternate representatives.

Appointments by Mayor requiring Council confirmation.

Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm at various locations.

Roster (Last Posted Date:02/13/2024)
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