The Borough of North Plainfield was settled by dutch families before the American Revolution. Among them were the Vermeule and Cadmus families. You will find many members of these families buried both in the cemetery behind Vermeule Mansion and in the cemetery on Brook Avenue. These families were just two of the handful that received 1,200 acres apiece from the ridge of "first mountain" downward from King George of England. Some of these homes still exist--among them the Vermeule Mansion, which serves as the current-day community center.

Long before it was called "North Plainfield", our town was referred to as "Blue Hills" and was a part of Warren Township. In 1872, North Plainfield Township was incorporated and included current-day North Plainfield, Watchung and Green Brook.

North Plainfield, a 2.9 square mile area at the base of New Jersey’s Watchung Mountains, was originally a cluster of farms. Steady growth as a commuter center began with the extension of the Central Jersey Railroad and continued with the advent of motorized transportation. Just twenty-three miles from Manhattan, the borough retains many small-town qualities yet is convenient to Routes 22, 78, and 287, contemporary roads to diversified employment opportunities.

Tree-lined streets, the Washington Park Historic District, Green Acres parklands, sports and playground facilities, a 4H center, Vermeule Arts Center, and a Senior Citizens Center are among the attributes which lend to North Plainfield’s self-description as "A Proud Community." The central businesses continue to utilize a Main Street New Jersey grant to foster economic growth, and the numerous enterprises along Route 22 form the primary commercial sectors.

The 2000 census figures place North Plainfield’s diverse population at 21,103. Residents of North Plainfield’s single family homes, multi-unit dwellings, and modern apartment complexes benefit from extensive borough-sponsored recreation, youth services, and cultural affairs opportunities. Local churches, community organizations, and service clubs offer many events which celebrate the blend of cultures common to the region.

Proximity to New York City, New Brunswick, Trenton, and Princeton affords easy access to major museums, concerts, theater, and sports events. Area colleges and universities also enrich the options for higher education. Somerset County Park System facilities, Sandy Hook State Park, and the Great Swamp Wildlife Refuge Center cater to a wide range of outdoor interests.

North Plainfield is 2.9 square miles in size and has a population of 21,936 residents (per the 2010 census).

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