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North Plainfield Police Officers Utilize Body Worn Cameras


The North Plainfield Police Department is Somerset County's first Accredited Agency. We earned that coveted status in December of 2006. Agencies must be Re-Accredited every 3 years. We have continued our success receiving Re-Accreditation, December 2009, December 2012, December 2015 and we became only the second agency in the State to receive a 4th Re-Accreditation in March of 2019. "We are so proud of all of our dedicated officers, they are the individuals that earned this coveted status. said Chief William Parenti."


Accreditation demonstrates the professional achievements of the men and women of this Department. This recognition further demonstrates our collective dedication to excellence in professional Law Enforcement. By voluntarily meeting New Jersey Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission standards, the North Plainfield Police Department has shown itself willing to be held to a higher level of professionalism, building trust between the Department and the citizens it serves


My top priority is to build mutual respect, and to provide equal opportunity policing for everyone that lives, works, or passes through the Borough of North Plainfield. By this I mean, Law Enforcement Services that will be fair, honest, and without bias.

The police department’s trustworthiness, comes from being a Welcoming and Inclusive Community. It is imperative that our residents and visitors feel safe, respected, and comfortable in being themselves, while also being able to express all aspects of their identities. We are a place where each person shares a mutual sense of belonging with our other members. Inclusion, as well as the appreciation of, and the valuing of human differences, creates an atmosphere that promotes a sense of belonging, so that everyone feels respected and valued for their uniqueness. It is home. A Proud Community.

The North Plainfield Police Department, wants to instill a belief in our community policing philosophy, and establish a confidence that “we as police officers, care more about your well-being than your immigration status, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.” In many communities across New Jersey, the relationship between members of the community and law enforcement is strained. Our mission as police officers is to protect life, property, and to solve crimes without bias. That goal would be virtually impossible to do effectively, if witnesses or victims had some reluctance to come forward. We have no concern about a person's immigration status, and we do not ask that question of a victim or witness. It is imperative that law enforcement maintain the trust and support of the people they serve.

A high priority is placed on the initial screening and training of all our employees, and a continuing in-service training program is designed to keep us current with modern law enforcement practices. Our goal is to combine high personal ethics, quality training, and perseverance, to provide the best possible policing to all citizens, as well as to the people of North Plainfield.


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It is truly an honor and privilege to serve as Chief of Police for North Plainfield. Our Borough is unique with its diverse population and the police department is comprised of some of the finest people in law enforcement. My goals and objectives are quite simple; I want to make North Plainfield the safest place to live, work, play and visit. I thank Mayor Lawrence La Ronde for having the confidence and trust in me to do this job and I pledge to do my best in serving the residents of North Plainfield, its government, and the police department.

I am always available to any person or group that would like to meet or talk with me. The people and civic groups I meet with are all committed to improving the relationship with our police officers. “When community leaders collaborate and understand the role of police in certain situations and there is a belief that the police will conduct a proper and transparent investigation into the events or actions of an officer, all of us will benefit.” Peaceful discussions and debate often lead to policy changes. Policing needs to reflect the necessities of their community. I hope you find our web presence useful and informative.


William G. Parenti

Chief of Police: William G. Parenti
Captain/Executive Officer: Alan McKay
Administrative Assistant: Jen Bartholomew