Applicant Instructions for Non-Criminal Justice Fingerprinting

Effective February 17, 2020

  1. Apply On-Line at
  2. When directed to input service code, please pick the unique service code from list below that corresponds with your reason for being fingerprinted.
  3. You MUST utilize the proper ORI for North Plainfield PD:


Service Codes:Reason for Print Submission:State of NJ Statute:
2F164BFirearms Licensing2C:58-1 thru 4.1
2F17ZYLocal Ordinance13: 59-1
2BZZQKAlcohol Beverage Licenses33: 1-25
2F1B77Paid of PT Firemen40A: 14-9
2F1HSXVolunteer13: 59-1

Questions or inquires may be directed to the North Plainfield Police Department Service Division, attention Lieutenant Enrico Perrone (908)769-2330 or