Internal Affairs

If you want to lodge an internal affairs complaint against a North Plainfield Police officer please call the North Plainfield Police Dispatch at 908-769-2937 and asked to speak with the Supervisor or the Officer in Charge of the shift. An email to initiate the complaint may also be sent to Lieutenant Edward Ciempola Please include the officers name or badge number, date, time, description of incident as well as contact information for follow up contact.

Citizen Rights for Internal Affairs Investigations

  • Every law enforcement agency within the State of New Jersey must accept reports of police misconduct from any person at any time.
  • Every law enforcement agency within the State of New Jersey must have a policy consistent with the Attorney General’s Internal Affairs Policy and Procedures, which provides that all citizen complaints involving police misconduct are readily accepted and fully and promptly investigated.
  • A member of the public who feels that he/she has witnessed or been the victim of police misconduct has the right to file an internal-affairs complaint against the employee(s)-in-question.
  • The police have a duty to fairly, objectively and thoroughly investigate all internal-affairs complaints.
  • All persons filing internal-affairs complaints have the right to courteous, professional and fair treatment by the police.
  • A member of the public has the right to lodge a complaint regardless of the hour or day of the week. If the complainant cannot come to police headquarters, the police must meet the complainant at his/her home, work or other mutually convenient location. In the event the complainant is unable for some reason to meet in person with the police, the internal affairs complaint can be made via telephone, U.S Mail or through email. Reasonable steps must be taken to accommodate a complainant who does not speak English.
  • A member of the public has the right to make his/her complaint anonymously. He/she does not have to be an American citizen to do so and cannot be required to produce identification or be accompanied by a citizen before a complaint will be accepted. The police cannot report a person to federal immigration officials in retaliation for the filing of an internal-affairs complaint.
  • A juvenile has the right to file an internal-affairs complaint, with or without the presence of a parent or guardian.
  • A complainant has the right to be kept informed of the status of their complaint as well as the outcome of his/her complaint at the conclusion of the police investigation.


Additional Questions:

May a person report misconduct over the phone?

Yes, North Plainfield police will investigate all reported incidents not matter how they are received.

May a person report misconduct anonymously?

Yes, the person can remain anonymous. 

May a Juvenile report police misconduct without his parent or guardian?

Yes, age is not a factor in investigating police misconduct and it will be investigated the same as if the complainant was an adult. 

Will a person be asked their immigration status?

No, The Attorney General’s directive prohibits police officers in New Jersey from asking someone immigration status, unless that person have been arrested for a crime or driving while intoxicated.