Health Department

Registrar of Vital Statistics:

Stephanie Sherwood
(908) 769-2907 |

The Registrar of Vital Statistics is responsible for registering all vital events that occur within the Borough including Births, Deaths, Marriages and Civil Unions. This office also issues cat and dog licenses, recycling supplies and food licenses.

Marriage and Vital Records

Animal Control | License Information:

Plainfield Area Humane Society
Benefits of Dog Licensure

Licensing dogs and placing the registration tag on the dog's collar has benefits for the dog owner, as well as Borough residents, including the following:

  • Licensed dogs are vaccinated against rabies (with some exceptions) and those with current license tags on their collars are considered generally protected from the disease.
  • A licensed dog that wanders off the owner's property or gets lost can be traced and quickly returned to its owner by animal control officers.
  • When persons are bitten by a licensed dog, the owner is usually found, and the dog is placed under a 10 day confinement and observation that will prevent the bite victim from needing to begin rabies post-exposure prophylaxis.
  • Dog licensing is mandatory in all New Jersey municipalities and the licensing fee is much less than the fines and penalties for having unlicensed dogs.
  • License fees support animal control, animal sheltering and rabies control activities within the municipality.
  • Dog licensing fees help fund testing of suspect rabid wildlife, the free State-sponsored municipal rabies vaccination clinics and the State operated low cost spay and neuter program.
Additional Pet Documents and Information

Recycling Information

Recycling Coordinator - If you need a recycling bin or have other recycling questions, please call 908-769-2907.
Additional Recycling Documents and Information

Health Officer: Namitha Reddy
(908) 231-7155
The Somerset County Department of Health is the health department for the Borough of North Plainfield. For more information on the health department and services provided, such as childhood immunization clinics and flu vaccination clinic schedules, please contact the Somerset County Department of Health at (908) 231-7155, between the hours of 8:30 AM- 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday or visit their website at

The Community Visiting Nurse Association of Somerville is offering a free health clinic for all non-insured children residing in North Plainfield from 0-18 years old. The clinic is open the last Wednesday of each month at the Vermeule Mansion . To make an appointment, dial 908-725-9355 and speak with Joanne.

JFK Medical Center
Overlook Hospital
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