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The North Plainfield Police Department, Somerset County’s first Accredited Agency, patrols a primarily residential area of approximately 2.8 square miles with an estimated population of 21,000 people.  We are a full service-policing agency.  North Plainfield’s current roster of 45 sworn police officers and 38 civilian employees are dedicated to our motto of, “Protecting with Pride Serving with Honor.” 

When an opening avails itself, we evaluate all the resumes that were received in the past 12 months for that specific job opening.  People whose resumes are deemed acceptable for a position will be notified of the opening and scheduled for an interview.  So please update your resume each year if you still have interest in employment for any positions in the police department, to include:

  • Police Officer
  • Dispatcher
  • Parking Enforcement/Special Police Officer
  • Administrative Assistant/Secretary
  • Civilian Aid
  • Date Entry Clerk
  • Crossing Guards
  • Any other position

All candidates must be a citizen of the United States, in good health, of good moral character and free of criminal conviction involving moral turpitude. The candidate must possess excellent English verbal and written communication skills, have mature and innovative approaches to collaborating with citizens on neighborhood issues, have strong problem solving skills, the ability to work under stress and demonstrate a history of community service. In an effort to match the community we serve, extra consideration is given to candidates who are fluent in the Spanish language.  

Qualifications for Sworn Law Enforcement Positions:  In an effort to match the community we serve, extra consideration is given to candidates who are fluent in the Spanish language.  
This position is open to all that meet the mandatory qualifications with a preference given to applicants that are New Jersey Police Training Commission Certified.  Preference means we interview them first and only look at other resumes if we do not have at least 8 PTC certified applicants.  Next, we consider SLEO II certified applicants.  If we still do not have 8 PTC certified people we will look at the traditional route of hiring and sending the person to the police academy.  Through our accredited training methods and current hiring practices, we hope to increase minority officers within our roster. 

Equal Employment Opportunity is not only the law, but it is a principle of the North Plainfield Police Department's operation. 

Please forward your resume to Chief William G. Parenti, 263 Somerset Street North Plainfield, NJ 07060.

North Plainfield Police Recruitment Plan


The goal of the North Plainfield Police Department Recruitment Plan is to attract qualified individuals to pursue a career with the North Plainfield Police Department. This department \Viii focus on the recruitment of minority applicants who reflect the diversity of the population of North Plainfield and the residents we are charged with protecting. This agency shall make every effort to meet specific goals for the recruitment and hiring of minorities and females. Our goal is to hire 50% or greater minority and female officers each year to bring us closer to matching the community.


The North Plainfield Police Department is a department that follows the hiring process based on the authority given to the Chief of Police under Title 40A and complies with all Directives issued by the NJAG. Since the inception of the Alternate Route Program, the traditional hiring process has been to hire only Police Training Commission certified candidates.

Preference is given to recent graduates of the Alternate Route Program. If that list is exhausted or no PTC applicants are qualified, we look for Class II certified officers. We give extra consideration to Spanish speaking candidates as well as minorities and females who represent the diversity of North Plainfield.

North Plainfield is an equal opportunity employer in all facets of the personnel process. The Chief of Police or his designee is responsible for the administration of the recruitment plan as well as evaluating whether these goals are met and provide for additional contingent measures to be taken if the program fails to meet its specific goals. The current demographics of the service area and agency are represented in Appendix B of this policy. Based on that demographic data, the North Plainfield Police Department seeks to attract candidates that reflect the following groups:

  • Hispanic
  • African American
  • Female
  • Other Races


Objective #1: On the Borough Website keep an open posting indicating that applications/ resumes are always welcomed, reviewed and kept on file for PTC Certified officers currently on the "Rice List" or not picked up out of an alternate route academy for when we are permitted to hire. The minority recruitment and selection program will also be posted on the Police Department website.

Activities include, but are not limited to:

When advised that we will be hiring conduct interviews with eligible unemployed officers in an effort to employ such officers as to meet our recruiting goals.

Objective #2: Identify and maintain contact with local minority organizations and social support groups such as the North Plainfield Community Forum, as well as other organizations including, but not limited to educational, religious, ethnic, racial and gender based organizations,.

Activities include, but are not limited to:

Speaking to members of above listed organizations and advising them of the Alternate Route Program held in many County Academies and the procedures for applying to that program.

Objective #3: Keep in contact with the New Jersey Police Training Commission approved Alternate Route academies. Have them forward any minority candidate they have that is interested in interviewing with North Plainfield Police Department. Have each academy post our openings as they become available.

DARE Officer speaking with students of all levels about police career and Somerset County Police Academy Youth Week and the North Plainfield Police Department Youth Academy in an attempt to gain knowledge of police work.


The Chief of Police or his designee shall conduct an analysis of the Recruitment Plan annually.

The following data shall be reviewed:

  • Number of applicants hired vs. the number of targeted minority applicants hired
  • Number of applicants vs. the number of targeted minority applicants
  • Progress towards objectives
  • the age, gender, race, and ethnicity of the lm,v enforcement officers currently appointed to the law enforcement agency;
  • the age, gender, race, and ethnicity of applicants for a law enforcement officer position in the preceding calendar year;
  • the age, gender, race, and ethnicity of applicants appointed to the agency in the preceding calendar year;
  • the reasons for denying applicants an appointment to the law enforcement agency;

Finally, we recognize the ever- changing demographics of the community and are committed to putting forth both the actions necessary to shape this department to reflect the community's values and beliefs, and to better serve those who put their trust in us.

Statistical Data taken from Department statistics are from 2019 vs 2021. Workforce calculated by population between 18 and 35.

NPPD Accreditation
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