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Mail Scam Alert - Some residents recently received a solicitation letter, appearing to be from the North Plainfield Borough Council requesting funds to support the National Police Association (NPA).
This letter is not an official communication from the Borough of North Plainfield.

The Borough Council, Police Department and the Administration would never solicit funds in such a manner. Official communications are always clearly identified and distributed through official channels, which may include our website, official social media accounts, or direct mailings on our official letterhead. Solicitation of funds by the Borough is done in very limited circumstances and only for those activities which benefit our citizens – e.g. Public events, recreational activities and sponsorships of such.

If you receive any suspicious solicitations claiming to be from the Borough, we urge you to verify the authenticity before taking any action. You can contact our Police Department at (908)769-2937 to report any concerns or to confirm the legitimacy of such communications.

We appreciate your vigilance in these matters.
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